Minneapolis/St. Paul area 3rd lowest wage growth of the 15 metro areas

FACT! The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has seen the third-lowest wage growth of the 15 metro areas tracked by Department of Labor. It is unacceptable. It is time for a change. It is time to vote for someone with the plan to reverse those numbers  ~ SOMEONE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE TO DO SO.

PLAIN & SIMPLE:  On the chart to the left, our Minneapolis Area is shown in red. The United States is indicated in the black dotted line! 

I am running for the 51A legislative position because I believe I have the background to focus on economic development.  When you drive along the HWY. 13 corridor, we have several manufacturing and distribution facilities that are sitting empty.  We need to be working with companies in electronics and health care to bring manufacturing and operational facilities here in 51A.  These are the types of jobs that we need in our district to help increase property values.  There is no reason why we can’t bring well paying jobs to 51A.  We have a knowledge base that represents exactly what tech-based companies are looking for.  We also represent the midway point between University of Minnesota and Mayo clinic, we need to promote the fact that Minnesota needs to play a leadership role moving forward in the health care industry and the center of that leadership is right here in 51A.

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