Affordable Heath Insurance

Medicare for all is not the answer.  Currently Medicare billing runs 10% below cost and private insurance billing runs at 45% above cost.  Medicare for all would put a strain on our health care industry.  It would also jeopardize the health care that is available to the citizens that have paid into it their whole life.  We need to protect Medicare for the citizens that have funded the Medicare system, but we also need to make sure that health care is affordable.  We must be very careful coming out of the coronavirus event.  Based on anecdotal evidence we are already seeing to 10-12% increases in insurance rates.  We should be capping insurance premiums where they were in 2019 with monitored increases coming out of the coronavirus event.  Insurance companies should not be allowed to profit based on the fear of the coronavirus event and we need to make that we maintain affordable health care.

affordable and sustainable healthcare

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