For my Community, Friends and Neighbors

All of us Minnesotans are experiencing an extremely challenging time. We are seeing unrest in our streets, our economy challenged because of a pandemic, and disrespect of our local law enforcement who vowed to protect us. We MUST not defund them! We MUST respect those police officers that put their lives on the front lines for us. We MUST find a way to embrace PEACE, which will in turn drive public safety for EVERY CITIZEN!

I am excited to share with you my strategies and ways we can improve the lives of the citizens in Eagan and Burnsville.

A working and prosperous America is a healthy America. We MUST build economic growth, we MUST maintain affordable healthcare, and we MUST provide parents opportunities to better educate their children!

I am the District 51A candidate with a message, an energy and the focus to make this happen!

Please place your VOTE for me as your next Representative for MN District 51A, and let’s make this happen together!


I am delighted that the Senate District 51 Republicans have endorsed Patrick J. Zurick for House District 51A. Burnsville and Eagan deserve a representative who will fight for Minnesotans’ jobs, work tirelessly to maintain the high quality schools our district expects and help keep our community safe. Pat brings strong business and managerial experience to the table and will deliver the results our community expects. I look forward to our district sending Pat to Saint Paul in November.

– Republican Party of SD51 Minnesota Chairperson James Kiner, following the MNGOP’s May 4th endorsement convention.


I was born in a very small town in western PA, 320 people as a matter of fact.  When I was 10 years old we moved to the Chicago area, and it was only a slight shock to the system.  I went to Wabash College, where I graduated with degrees in English and Theater.  After graduating from college, I moved to the South Metro where I have lived for over 30 years.  During my time of employment, I received two MBAs from the University of St. Thomas, one in Finance and one in Management, along with a certificate in Leadership

I have worked in New Market Development and New Product Development in industries as varied as Outdoor Power Equipment, Landscaping, and Construction. I also have operational experience in Plumbing, HVAC and distribution.

For the past 12 years, I have been a small business owner with my wife of 32 years. We own and operate an inclusive Preschool Kindergarten, which builds upon the belief that children will rise to their full potential, when we are able to enhance a child’s natural curiosity within an environment that promotes learning.

We have two children – a son who just completed his Masters in Sports Psychology at Minnesota State – Mankato, and a daughter who works with stallions in the thoroughbred industry, currently living in Lexington, KY. She got her start at Canterbury Park.


Minneapolis/St. Paul area 3rd lowest wage growth of the 15 metro areas

FACT! The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has seen the third-lowest wage growth of the 15 metro areas tracked by Department of Labor. It is unacceptable. It is time for a change. It is time to vote for someone with the plan to reverse those numbers  ~ SOMEONE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE TO DO SO. PLAIN …


In this unprecedented time in America, it is a much more difficult landscape from which to get out our messages of Economic Growth, Prosperity and Inclusivity. Values that are not red or blue, but purple. Our message is universal. It represents communities across the spectrum. Please join our campaign and help spread our mission!

CALL TO VOLUNTEER @ 952-374-8044